Monday, January 3, 2011

"Does it? Bollocks!"

Good god, what a face.

We've lost another great one.
Anyone with those lines, those nooks and crannies could have been a great character actor.
But there was a fierceness there, behind his eyes that made him more than just another interesting face.

Thanks to those Norman Rockwellesque looks Pete was often slotted into a lot of salt-of-the-earth type roles. Although his range was much wider.

Take a look at the Brassed Off video below. Yes, it's one of those "we're all in it together" charming British pics they do so well. Pete played Danny, the conductor of a coal miner's brass band. Like he did with so many movies he took a simple little role and gave it gravity.

"Aye, they can knock a bloody good tune, but what the fook does that matter?"

So long Pete.